Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Purpose of the E-portfolio

All students in the Honors Program are required to submit their e-portfolio once per academic year. The purpose of the portfolio and the review process is threefold:
  1. To enable students to reflect on honors and other learning experiences.
  2. To offer students an opportunity to showcase their most significant accomplishments and to track their development and progress.
  3. To facilitate dialogue and exchange among students and other educators to assist students in making purposeful choices regarding their college experience.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Tiered System

For each category, you will see two entries.  Once students complete Tier 1, then they are ready to progress to Tier 2.  Here are traits of each Tier Level:

Tier 1
  • Experiences designed and led by an educator
  • Active learning opportunities
  • Focus is on helping students ask questions, wrestle with multiple perspectives, write intensively, and learn to interact in groups
Tier 2
  • Educator involves students in the design of the experiences and in the inquiry process
  • Students learn to practice professional and scholarly methods and skills and engage in creative, professional or scholarly inquiry
  • Focus is on teaching students how to conduct their own inquiries and address their own problems in groups and individually through intensive research, writing, and professional activity